Melbourne is Victoria’s capital and Australia’s second largest city. It has a population of approximately 3.5 million people, it is exciting, safe, cosmopolitan, multiculturally rich and has been classified as one of the world’s most liveable cities. Situated on the southern coast of Australia it has many sandy beaches, a historical port, beautifully developed river sites and an abundance of parks and spectacular gardens, which justify the phrase used when describing Melbourne as a “Garden City”. It is an elegant and stylish place, with a large number of shopping centres, a very efficient public transport network and a glorious blend of historical and modern architecture. Melbourne celebrates many cultures and traditions with numerous festivals throughout each year including Australian wine and food festivals, Fashion festivals, the Comedy festival, Chinese New Year, Antipodes Festival, Spring Racing Carnival, Spanish Festival, the Grand Prix, Australian Open Tennis amongst others. The range of multicultural events, restaurants and cafes caters for Asian, European and Western tastes. A little outside of Melbourne there are opportunities to experience the beauty of Australia’s wildlife and country. The mountain ranges are glorious during summer and renowned for their ski fields during winter. Local beaches provide opportunities for swimming and relaxation.


As OPIE is located within the Melbourne CBD, public transport is an economical and efficient way to get around. Further information on costs associated with public transport, public transport timetables, etc, log on to: www.victrip.com.au


Melbourne’s climate is temperate. Summer is normally dry, rather than humid and winter can be wet and windy. Even though there are four distinct seasons, there are days throughout the year which may not be typical to their season. There can be very wet, cool days in summer and quite sunny and dry days in winter, so an umbrella, jacket and T-shirt should be handy throughout the year. During sunny weather, particularly in the summer months it is important that students protect themselves against sunburn by wearing sunscreen and a hat.

Mean Melbourne temperatures:


There are two types of accommodation available:

Temporary Accommodation upon arrival to Melbourne:

Staying in a motel, hotel or serviced apartment, temporarily until long-term accommodation is found.

Temporary Accommodation upon arrival to Melbourne:

Staying in a motel, hotel or serviced apartment, temporarily until long-term accommodation is found.

The following will give you an indication of prices for unfurnished property. Real Estate Agents or Landlords usually require a bond equal to at least 4 weeks rental. This is refundable at the end of your term, provided you have not damaged the property. It is recommended that you share your accommodation either with a flat-mate or in a homestay situation where you would board with a family to take advantage of cost sharing.

Temporary Accommodation

$70 Budget – $150 Deluxe per night.

Long-term Accommodation around Melbourne City

One bedroom flat $160 – $280+ per wk

Two bedroom flat $200 – $350+ per wk

Three bedroom house $280 – $800+ per wk

Four bedroom house $480 – $1,000+ per wk


Rental or board costs per person (sharing) $80 – $200 per wk


This is only a guide; the range in quality, type and location of accommodation varies with the cost and economic inflation. City living (indicated above) is normally more expensive than residences in suburban areas; however you may save on travel costs.


You will be responsible for all living costs. Depending on your lifestyle, the cost of living in Australia is around $265 to $320 per week. This might include food, travel, services, entertainment, etc. Be aware that you are to finance these costs in addition to tuition fees and other costs associated with your studies. There may be additional expenses on a one-off basis such as the purchase of furniture, materials and stationery.



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