Grading Guide

Grade Levels

Oceania Polytechnic has a standard grading system ranging from fail to H1 for all subjects.
These grade descriptions are indicative only, do not replace the assessment criteria for
individual tasks, and may not be applicable to all subjects.

F (Fail) 0%- 50%

UNSATISFACTORY work that fails to meet the basic assessment criteria and which:

  • Is conceptually or structurally unsound; is largely irrelevant, inaccurate or unsuitable;
  • Shows evidence that the problem/brief/task has not been understood;
  • Contains insufficient design resolution or construction detail;
  • Makes unsustainable (or no) conclusions from the brief/data presented;
  • Includes unjustified or un-substantiated claims; contains unsatisfactory elements;
  • Confuses opinion with fact; uses inappropriate materials;
  • Is incoherent in its development/resolution.

P (Pass) 50%- 64%


  • Shows understanding of the task;
  • Uses data, resolutions and materials relevant to the topic/task/report;
  • Generally addresses the topic/brief and organises the material/structure/design clearly;
  • Relies on provided data/materials/designs with little transformation;
  • May lack sufficient or appropriate analysis and resolution;
  • May include contentions/solutions not properly supported with appropriate evidence.
  • Shows evidence of research and demonstrates a good understanding of appropriate sources/resolutions/models
  • Demonstrates clear understanding of the main problems/challenges/issues;
  • Uses data/materials relevant to the task although mainly re-worked examples;
  • If written task, is succinctly summarised but little more than paraphrased;
  • Includes appropriate analysis of problem/brief/data;
  • Generally supports contentions with appropriate evidence/solution;
  • Develops a structure/design/report that organises the material clearly.

D (Distinction)75- 84%

  • Shows evidence of good research, sound preparation, wide reading and/or use of other sources;
  • Uses sources/examples appropriately & identifies/designs/builds connections between them;
  • Shows evidence of the ability to draw implications from theory and conclusions from examples/briefs/data;
  • Develops a structure/design that gives excellent coverage of the topic/resolution of the brief.
  • Demonstrates the ability to analyze and integrate a broad range of relevant sources and materials;
  • Shows an understanding of a range of theoretical perspectives/practical resolutions and how they relate to practice;
  • Is well-researched, with data collected selectively from a wide range of examples/sources;
  • Interprets data/brief consistently and with insight;
  • Is well-structured, develops logical conclusions/resolutions that reflect the evidence and/or brief/arguments presented.

HD (High Distinction) 85-100%

  • Contains a high level of abstract/innovative conceptualisation related to practice;
  • Shows an understanding of the major relevant theoretical perspectives/ designs/reports;
  • Is thoroughly researched, with data collected discriminately from a wide range of sources;
  • Interprets the data/resolves the problem consistently and intelligently;
  • Offers a sophisticated structural control in presenting and developing the material/resolution and in reaching conclusions/solutions.



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